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I'm rubbish…at updating my blog that it.  I just find that time disappears into this bottomless cavern that is my wonderful family.  I always think "Right, got to update the blog at least once a week…." and here I am almost a month since the last post!  I do have some good reasons (which I wouldn't change for the world!) 🙂

This is a bit of a momentous week for me! Tomorrow I have my last chemotherapy session.  I've had thirteen doses of chemo and tomorrow is my fourteenth and final one.  It's been 9 months and 9 days since I was diagnosed, a total of 282 days and now I'm approaching the end of my hospital treatment…I am a little scared.

Megan and Amber

I've been in and out of hospital on a weekly basis since January and I'm fast approaching a point where that will no longer me the norm…the "crutch" of hospital…the monitoring by the doctors and nurses etc. will become a much smaller part of my life…I think I've become a bit institutionalised. As much as I've dreaded hospital it has saved my life and the lives of my two boys.

At home with Blake


Everyone is also back to school tomorrow…hurrah! I do love the school holidays (because Charlie and the girls are off) but keeping the girls amused has pretty much worn me out and I'm looking forward to my long lie in bed tomorrow – Charlie has promised it to me 🙂


Friday will be a bit on an adventure…I've been nominated for an Evening Express "Champion of Courage" award and the awards ceremony (I think that's what to call it) is on Friday at the Exhibition Centre in Aberdeen – posh nosh and drinks – can't wait! 
Speaking of food – I can't stop eating!  I've been feeling great and my appetite has returned – Charlie has warned me (in a fun way!!) that I shouldn't eat too many cream pies, pork pies (which I got in M&S today) or any other kind of pie…in case he has to get me new clothes to replace all the size 6 ones he got me when I lost weight!

After the chemo on Monday, I have to wait for my blood counts to recover before I start my maintenance chemotherapy.  This consists of oral drugs which I'll take over the next two years.  I won't lose my hair (again!) but I will get a bit of fatigue and need a bit of rest now and again – I won't be swinging from the chandeliers just yet.  And as soon as my counts recover I'll get this line out of my chest!  In case you don't know I had two tubes surgically placed in a vein in my chest to make it easier for me to give blood and receive my chemo.  Once I've finished I'll have the tubes removed…I really can't wait for that.

Here's to tomorrow.  Love V xxx

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