Zippppp Slidddeeeee

I’m going to be doing a 750 foot zip slide in aid of the Antony Nolan Trust.  If you like your fundraising served with a shot of pure adrenaline, then the zip slide is for you, so they say! If you want join me then more details are here.  What have I let myself in for! You can give to my JustGiving page at

And, I MUST mention that Megan, my youngest daughter, will be walking Lochnagar (with her Dad!) to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  This is entirely Megan’s idea and she wanted to do something challenging to make a difference and to kind of say thanks for me being so well.  Megan has a huge personality and I was really proud of her when she came up with this idea.  She is already in training!  Her justgiving page is

For the past 35 years, The Antony Nolan Trust has been the best chance for thousands of people who’ve urgently needed stem cell transplants. For some people, it really does mean the difference between life and death.

I was fortunate enough that I didn’t have a transplant but I know several people who are with us today because of transplant technology and the work of the Trust.  Just a few pounds given to sponsor me in this zip slide will really help the work of the trust and you’ll be sponsoring me to do something verrryyy scary!

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