Stout and other things!

What a night I had at the Evening Express Champions awards bash.  Charlie surprised me with a brilliant PINK limo to take us to the exhibition centre and there was a bottle of champagne to boot!  We had a fantastic meal and I got to meet Cameron Stout!  (see pic).  I didn't win but then I never expected to – it was just a great night out!  I've been non-stop ever since (nothing to do with Cameron though :-).

I have now officially finished my chemo and next week I will have my hickman line removed….yeeehaaaa!  I've had this tube in my chest for ages and it has been a real pain lately.  The boys keep grabbing it and I have to flush it with fluid each night.  And it just keeps getting in the way.  I am soooo pleased that it is going.  My last set of bone marrow results are back and I am still in remission which is another boost.

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