It's been a nightmare week, Charlie's been really quiet because he's been worried all week about today's scan.  He's spent hours online reading everything he can find about Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.  As a result, he's been even more worried and has been hiding it from me a bit (but I can tell).  He's also been bossing me about, telling me to rest and feeding me protein drinks.  Apparently, the drinks boost the nutrients in my blood so that twins get more nourishment.  This can help if TTTS is diagnosed.

I felt sick to my stomach after our news on Wednesday, the idea that, after everything else, there might be a problem with the twins was the last thing I felt I could cope with.  I've come through so much already, with the help and support of so many great family and friends, that for something to go wrong with the boys…well, I was a bit floored.  I spent most of Thursday in bed, I couldn't face getting up, and Friday wasn't much better. 

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The last week has been a quiet family time.  I've been feeling the relief since the scan on Tuesday last week and taking it very easy, caught up on a lot of my reading, absolute bliss!  Knowing that all is well has really brought some peace to me.  Charlie, me, Amber and Megan have just spent four days at the Coylumbridge Hotel in Aviemore and enjoyed the rest.

Isn't it amazing how a change of scenery can change how you think, slow you down for a bit and let you recharge!  I even ventured into the pool while away…I think Greenpeace were almost called a couple of times to return this whale to the ocean! :-)  My entrance to the pool was a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow's when she jumps into the pool in "Shallow Hal" – if you've seen it you'll know what I mean.

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Keeping a low profile :-)

I'll just give you a summary of the week since I last updated by blog.

Monday I was back into hospital.  Fairly uneventful, my bloods are still good and I'm physically just feeling big pregnant lady! :-).  Tuesday was a great day, I went to Jumping Jacks to watch Megan.  Jumping Jacks is a kids gymnastics class which Megan goes to each week.  It was really fantastic to see Megan doing her forward rolls etc. and then finishing each manoeuvre with a gymnastic stand and bow.

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