The last week has been a quiet family time.  I've been feeling the relief since the scan on Tuesday last week and taking it very easy, caught up on a lot of my reading, absolute bliss!  Knowing that all is well has really brought some peace to me.  Charlie, me, Amber and Megan have just spent four days at the Coylumbridge Hotel in Aviemore and enjoyed the rest.

Isn't it amazing how a change of scenery can change how you think, slow you down for a bit and let you recharge!  I even ventured into the pool while away…I think Greenpeace were almost called a couple of times to return this whale to the ocean! :-)  My entrance to the pool was a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow's when she jumps into the pool in "Shallow Hal" – if you've seen it you'll know what I mean.

Our builders are going to start a little earlier than first planned, sometime around about April 25th.  Charlie has been busy packing boxes to put our utility room and garage into storage.  Plans for "the big build" are well in hand and I've been choosing bathroom suites, kitchens etc.  My guardian (Charlie!) has been making a point of letting me choose taps(!), colours, baths etc. for the extension.  He knows that I'm very likely to be in hospital with my first course of chemotherapy when the decorating is being done and he really wants me to feel part of the changes to the house…see all this AND someone else does my decorating…cool eh!

He is right.  I know what I'm like.  If I haven't had some input into it I'll probably not like it and grumph a bit.  On the other hand, I know that once I'm in hospital, the colour of the bathroom wall will be the least of my….challenges :-| 

Every day is a day nearer to the birth of the twins and I am getting more excited about it…I'm not quiet feeling confident enough to start buying baby clothes etc. but I am making some plans to get hold of Charlie's credit card once I'm on a bit more (maybe about 28 weeks…Mothercare here I come!).  If I get much bigger I'll have to borrow one of those electric shopping buggies from Shopmobility!

I pray that I get there and then through my treatment without any further upsets.  Thank you all for your kind words and prayers.  The world is really full of wonderful people. V x

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