Keeping a low profile :-)

I'll just give you a summary of the week since I last updated by blog.

Monday I was back into hospital.  Fairly uneventful, my bloods are still good and I'm physically just feeling big pregnant lady! :-).  Tuesday was a great day, I went to Jumping Jacks to watch Megan.  Jumping Jacks is a kids gymnastics class which Megan goes to each week.  It was really fantastic to see Megan doing her forward rolls etc. and then finishing each manoeuvre with a gymnastic stand and bow.

Thursday was the day of yet another scan.  Our normal consultant is still away on holiday however we did recognise the doctor that we did see.  He was the same doctor that we saw when I was pregnant with Amber! He did the scans and the growth of the babies has been good over the last week. Yippee!  I did freak out a bit at the start because the scanning machine hadn't been reset since the previous scan so when he started scanning me it was at maximum magnification!  For a second I just thought – "Oh no, what now…look at the sizes of their heads!".  I was really pleased after the scan and I don't have to go back for two weeks :->

Friday was a brief spell in hospital again. They are now happy to monitor me by bloods alone but they do want to take another bone marrow sample from me sometime in May.  I might pop when they try to take that sample given the size I'll be then!  Saturday and Sunday where quiet days but the kids did go to a couple of parties and we visited our friend Alison in her new home out in Midmar. 

This week will be a busy week as we get organised for the builders coming.  They are starting here about the 25th of April.  The utility room and garage are empty (my freezer with all my ice-cream is now in my Mum's garage – only a quick 5 minute journey if I demand Baileys Hagen Daz! from Charlie!). 

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