Moan! Moi?

I am really fed up!  I didn't want this blog to become a moaning session…poor old Vanessa…so I haven't posted for a wee while because, to be honest, I've had enough!  I don't get a minutes peace, I'm being kicked from inside and IT HURTS!  I spend all day worrying about what will happen when I'm in hospital and I'm not reassured by Charlie's easy going attitude…I just want things done my way!  Call me picky!

Megan has been giving us a bit of a hard time recently.  She has been making a BIG fuss at bed times and in the morning…I am concerned because she is with a number of different people during the week and it has been hard on her in some ways BUT she has to go to bed and sleep!  Charlie's put together a "Good Girl" chart which she gets ticked if she gets up etc.  and the motivation for her getting up quickly in the morning is to bake Croissants or Pain au Chocolate (please note these are  out of a packet , not made from scratch}.  Her efforts are rather good as well!  It has been working fairly well in the mornings but the evenings are still…challenging 😐

I've had my twenty-eight week scan and all is well (don't I know it!).  We're still aiming for delivery at 34 weeks.  My consultant (the leukaemia one) has confirmed that I'll get two weeks to recover from my c-section before I start my chemotherapy.  In some ways I can't wait for it all to start because it does seem like an awfully long time since I was diagnosed.

I've been chatting via email to a woman my own age who has leukaemia.   She found me via the web site and it's been great to chat to someone very similar to myself who is going through the same thing.

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