It's been a nightmare week, Charlie's been really quiet because he's been worried all week about today's scan.  He's spent hours online reading everything he can find about Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.  As a result, he's been even more worried and has been hiding it from me a bit (but I can tell).  He's also been bossing me about, telling me to rest and feeding me protein drinks.  Apparently, the drinks boost the nutrients in my blood so that twins get more nourishment.  This can help if TTTS is diagnosed.

I felt sick to my stomach after our news on Wednesday, the idea that, after everything else, there might be a problem with the twins was the last thing I felt I could cope with.  I've come through so much already, with the help and support of so many great family and friends, that for something to go wrong with the boys…well, I was a bit floored.  I spent most of Thursday in bed, I couldn't face getting up, and Friday wasn't much better. 

I felt better on Saturday.  I think I may have just come to terms with the potential problems with the babies, or was just feeling more at ease.  I definitely felt my heart lighten and the load lift a bit.  The weekend and the days since have been full of concern but nothing like the Thursday/Friday when I just felt like the ground should open up and swallow me whole!

So, today was the big day.  Mary, Charlie's Mum, took Amber and Megan overnight yesterday so we had a long lie and plenty of time to get organized.  Dave, a very old friend of mine from school, popped into see us in the morning.  He's over from his home in Canada and it was great to see him.  In fact, he was at the house for a good couple of hours – catching up on all the news, gossip, scandal etc.  It made the morning fly by and was a great distraction from having to think about the scan in the afternoon.

We left the house straight after Dave left and headed for the Maternity Hospital.  The scan time was 1.45pm and the doctor actually took us at 2.00pm (which is not bad for a very busy maternity hospital).  I hoisted myself up on the bench beside the scanner and waited – I was pretty calm really, Charlie had hardly said a word since we left the house.

The doctor took the measurements, Charlie (now a well researched lay person on TTTS) kept asking questions and for the measurements to be explained, we listened to the hearts and cords of both babies and the doctor took some more readings.  The result is…the babies are a little small but are active and healthy!  The fluid levels around them are good and there are no signs of TTTS as this point. Praise God! 

Charlie is back to his normal self – de-stressed rather than distressed! I'm just so glad that things are good…I could pop – (well, maybe not – just think of the mess !-o). Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words over the last week.  Prayer IS really powerful.

We're off with the girls to Aviemore for some R&R…God knows we need it…he really does!  I'll give you an update and some photos when we get back.  Much love, V x

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