…couldn’t get any worse?

We went for a scan on Wednesday.  Our normal consultant is away on a three week holiday so we had a scan with another doctor.  The boys both seem fine from the scan however the doctor is concerned that one twin is smaller than the other so we have to go back next Tuesday for an additional scan.  The problem may be that the twins are developing Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome but we won't know until the scan and maybe not even then.  TTTS is a disease of identical twins caused by abnormal connecting blood vessels in the twins' placenta, resulting in an imbalanced flow of blood from one twin to another. The implications of this are very serious for the survival and health of both twins.

Right now, I just wish I was someone would put me to sleep until it was all over.  Just when my leukaemia is in remission and things were looking up :-(  Now, it may well be that this is not that case, that the size of the babies is down to me being small and the effects of the ATRA drug I'm taking for my leukaemia.  A noted side effect of ATRA is low birth weight but with the way my luck is going lately…please pray for the twins and for a good outcome at our scan on Tuesday. 

I had planned to write in this blog about getting out and about, going to the Easter Celebration at church (even though we did turn up an hour late because we forgot about the change of the clocks) but none of that seems very important just now. V.

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