Me at the beach!

Icecream and Bunnies!

Ooh Eck!  I've not updated my blog for almost a week! It's not that I haven't done anything – in fact its the opposite, I've been so busy that I just haven't had that two minutes to type anything up!

Me at the beach!

I've had a great week.  I've been venturing out a bit and I've had some great times.  I was out on Sunday to the beach with Charlie and the kids.  It's one of our favourite places to go when the weather is good.  We took Amber and Megan's bikes and they just love cycling up and down the beach front.  Other small children, dogs and ladies with babies beware!  I was just so glad to be out of the house.   Charlie took loads of photos and we're going to update the picture frames on our stairway at home with the new ones from the beach.  (In case you haven't see them, our stairway has six large picture frames with montages of our photographs from the last twelve years!). There are a lot of dodgy photos of Charlie when he was in a band.

Megan in the surf - almost! (Click for big image)Girls at the beach (Click for big image)

Monday was in hospital, I'm still sitting in the day room, someone in more need has my bed.  I don't mind the day room but it does mean that I don't get my, now traditional, afternoon nap.  I'm continuing to be well on all fronts…my back is still the worst thing at the moment!


Tuesday was a busy day.  Denise took me out to Banchory for coffee and we hosted our Housegroup in the evening.  The housegroup is a group of friends and meets at about 8.00pm, we share what's happened in the week and pray with and for each other.  Around 7.30pm, it was all I could do to stop my eyes closing.  I was exhausted!  Making babies should be classed as a dangerous job…just imagine if I was handling heavy machinery…scary!  So I decided to call it a night and slope off to bed leaving Charlie to welcome everyone! 

I did my first bit of modelling on Wednesday! We all posed for some pictures for the financial section of the Daily Telegraph.  I had some critical illness cover with Standard Life and we were asked if we wanted to be a case study for a feature in the Telegraph.  It's just a little piece but I am looking forward to reading a broadsheet (I normally stick to the local papers or The News of the World). Quality journalism!

Charlie is a little disappointed today.  He was due to go away on a school ski/snowboard trip which he was leading.  The trip leaves tonight at midnight but he pulled out as soon as I was diagnosed. 

Tonight, I'm just going to chill out, watch ER and get an early night.  I have hospital tomorrow but I'm just popping in and I'm going to phone back for my results so that I can spend most of the day with Charlie and the girls ( and hopefully, if I see him, the Easter Bunny and various eggs of the chocolate variety!)

CU L8R V x

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