Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

Well, well, well.  Didn't feel like writing a lot on Monday, I was just so overwhelmed with joy at my news.  A big answer to prayer and wonderful all round.  The good news to add to my remission is that my blood pressure has come up a bit…I don't fall over quite so much!  In fact, given the size I'm getting, I don't think I would fall over, rather I would wobble and right myself like a weeble (everyone 30 to 40 knows where I'm at with that!).

I've been feeling great and have been helping with the morning routine, getting the girls ready for school etc.  In fact, Charlie looked at me this morning and said it was a miracle how well I was looking and was doing considering only a few weeks ago I could hardly get my breath.  Time just now is so precious, I'm so fortunate to be feeling the way I do and I'm really trying to make the most of it.  Live life to the max…(after I have a lie down 'cause my back's sore 😉 LOL


This pregnant with twins malarkey isn't half tiring!  I am officially HUGE and growing at an alarming rate of knots.  In fact, Amber summed it all up this morning in the way that only five year olds can…

"Mummy" said Amber in a slightly puzzled way, her head cocked to one side looking at me.

"Yes Amber"

"You know your tummy is getting bigger because the babies are growing inside you?", she said, still with a lopsided head.

"Aha", I said, waiting for the punch line.

"Well, how come your legs are getting fat too?", she asked, genuinely puzzled at the ever increasing mass of planet Mummy!  Trust a five year old to shatter your illusions of a neat and trim pregnancy eh? 

We had another scan yesterday and the twins are well, kicking me and each other and generally getting on with it! I was in hospital today and all continues to be well (praise God).

I am feeling super but just in a bit of no-mans land now while I wait to have the babies (definitely "Too Posh to push").  I was earth-mother for Amber and Megan (natural birth, no drugs other than Gas and Air) but this time I'll be having a section (Charlie jokes that he's been trying to have me sectioned for years but I'm not sure quite what he means >8~)  We're at week 22 now and the current plan is to get to week 34, then deliver.  If I'm still as well as I am now we might go a little longer but we'll see. 

Our builder is now coming to the house two weeks earlier than planned so the madness will begin at the start of May.  I'm hoping Charlie will book me into the Craigendarroch for May…well…a girl can dream can't she? 8->

I've had a busy social calendar this week with visitors popping in.  Tuesday was a busy day, thanks for the morning trip to Banchory, Denise and to Gillian, Mary-Lee, Jodie and Morven for the evening.  The highlight of Wednesday was a blessing I received from Ian from Church. Ian and Heather came to share communion with me on Wednesday.  During this time Ian said a prayer and asked God to ensure that my "body count continues to grow"(?)  All I could see was Heather's shoulders moving up and down as she tried not to giggle, I caught her eye and we both just lost it.  God bless you Ian, you made me laugh!

Love to all, V xxx

P.S.  Fun T-shirts and stuff! 

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