Thank you :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Let's hear it for the power of prayer.  I just want to post a small update to let you know that I got home on midnight Friday, just in time for my birthday!  I would have been home sooner but I had (another) allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics I was getting.  This time I turned red!  What next green with purple spots?

On my birthday I decided to completely shave my head.  I had little wispy bits of hair here and there, it was a bit of mess really.  Now I look like "Locke" from  "Lost" on Channel 4.  Have you been watching it…I think its fantastic and it the only T.V. that Charlie and I will sit down to watch (with our hectic lives!!).  In fact, we liked it so much we've got the DVDs from America and we're about five episodes ahead of Channel 4 now!  My birthday was a low-key affair but I did have a cake which the girls have pretty much demolished.

I have some news for you.  I've been nominated as a "Champion of Courage" for the Evening Express in Aberdeen ( I think people vote for the "Champion" awards on Saturday.  I don't think I've done anything that special – I just did what, for me, had to be done.  No drama 🙂

My mouth sores and swelling have gone but I still have oral thrush (which is a bit sore). I'm looking forward gto etting even better. Luv. V x.

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