Steroids and hair loss ;-(

I am back in hospital again!  My chemo finally kicked in last week.  I felt really weak and my appetite just disappeared.  The solution to the appetite was to give me steroids! Steriods?…Do I really want to look like some kind of Russian womans' Olympian from the mid 80's?  I thought I might blow up and start growing hairs on my chin!  But I got a few injections and…wow…I felt like I could eat for Scotland…toast, cheese, noodles always hungry!  Problem one was kind of solved…

…and then I lost my sense of taste (which was a bit of blow since I'd really been enjoying my grub!)  Wednesday last week I started to feel really low and very tired.  I just couldn't do anything without gasping for air or feeling like I needed to lie down.  Charlie was in Glasgow on Thursday for a teacher meeting and didn't get back until about 11pm.  By this time, my temperature had rocketed, I'd picked up a tummy bug which made my insides churn and my mouth was really sore with mucusitis.  What a welcome home :-)  After, another hour of being unable to get off the toilet or get to sleep because of my temperature/mouth,  Charlie called the ward and I was admitted at about 2am in the morning.

Since then, well, I'd love to say that I've felt much better but really I've felt awful.  I have a cracker of an ulcer on my toungue. The hospital food has hardly been palatable (because I still can't taste anything!) and I've got a few lovely little bruises because my platelets are so low.  I've had four units of blood (if I'd had eight I'd have been in Keith Richards' territory) and two bags of platelets.  Oh and I've been on a drip for fluids because I've been so dehydrated!  Really, I'm doing well this time!!!!

I'm hoping that my counts will be up by the weekend.  It's my birthday on Saturday and I'd love to be home for it but we'll have to wait and see.  Charlie thinks I should be cheeky and put a plug in for my Amazon wish list in here.  If there is a "Click Here" link in my blog that takes you to it then he's done it for me (cheek!).  This birthday will be a far cry from last year.  It was about my birthday that we decided to try for our third child.  Little did we know! 

Due to my hospitalisation, I wasn't able to attend the quiz night/raffle draw for the "Friends of Anchor".  I just want to say a big "thank you" to all the Mums at the Primary School/Playgroup for everything they did!  Well done in raising (and I hope I have the figure right)

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