Turning Slowly Blue?

I'm booked in for my third session of chemo tomorrow.  I freaked out last week when my consultant told me it would be a different chemotherapy agent than the Idarubicin  I've had in my two previous treatments.  My immediate reaction was "I haven't lost my hair, my eyebrows, by eye lashes with Idarubicin – I don't want to lose them with another treatment – and I don't know how else I'll react."

I guess I was a big bit scared of the unknown.  After I found out I was grumpy and quiet (all just hiding the fact that I was a so worried about this change).  I met with the MacMillan nurse (Jeff) on the ward and he let me know that it is normal to change the chemotherapy agent – just like other drugs you can become resistant to an agent so it is better to mix it up a bit!  This did help me relax a bit. 

The agent I'm going to get, "Mitoxantrone", is bright blue and will turn my urine Blue/Green.  A less common side effect is that the whites of my eyes might go blue too! Charlie, the sci-fi buff, said blue eyes would be cool because that's just like the Dune books/movie (by Frank Herbert).

I'm just back from spending the weekend in…Glasgow.  Charlie had a meeting so I was able to tag along.  It was the first time we've been away together for about a year.  I went shopping round Buchanan Galleries and chilled out in the sunshine.

It was a good way to escape my "Miracle Mum" fame from being in the Saturday papers.  There was a feature in each of the following papers: The Scotsman, The Daily Record, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, Evening Express, Press & Journal, Daily Express, The Herald and The Daily Mail.  The Mail are doing a feature piece sometime this week in their Femail section.

The boys a continuing to do well – not sleeping all night yet but they are going a bit longer between feeds (…some of the time).   I saw a great add on for my babies in a magazine recently.  I love my iPod and I'm giving real consideration to getting baby grows from http://ipodmybaby.com/ .Check it out!

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