Quick Update

Just before I pop off for some sleep I thought I'd update you on how Vanessa is.  She had been very ill during the day and her mood was very much removed for her normal positive self.  She was being sick about every two minutes and was feeling very ill. 

This evening, sometime after 6pm, she was fitted (is that the right term?) with a nasal-gastric tube and over 2.5 litres of really nasty green gunk was taken out of her stomach (I hope you're not eating while reading this!). 

The result is that she has stopped being sick, her mood has totally changed and she spent a fair bit of the evening laughing and joking with me.  A very different Vanessa to the one I'd seen with Amber and Megan at about 2pm. Wow! 

The thing she is most impressed with is that removing all this fluid has left her with a flat tummy…she joked "Who needs a celebrity diet…!! I've lost 2 stone in 1 week!"  It is early days for her still but we're both so full of joy after tonight.  We said a little prayer together to thank God for her recovery tonight.  It was the first time we'd prayed out loud together and was a very special and powerful moment. Praise God!

The boys are now both up to 14ml feeds every two hours (just like Dad they like their grub!).  They are making good progress and I'm always so glad to go to see them.  There is something new in each one every time I visit.  They are two little miracles!

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