The visit to the Neo-Natal unit took an awful lot out of Vanessa.  We weren't allowed an ambulance because it was not a medical requirement so Vanessa had to be put in a wheelchair and pushed from one end of the hospital to the other and then down the big hill to the maternity hospital.  Every bump and lump in the road was excruciating for her.  She had to come off her morphine pump to get into the wheelchair so, other than some oral medication, she had no pain relief during the journey, visit and return.

It was wonderful to see her with the boys and she was really glad that she did it but I think it has put her back a few days and her mood since been a bit down.  As I said, she was taken off her morphine pump to do the visit and she was then to be just on oral pain killers, but the visit took so much out of her that she had to be put back on the pump to control her pain.  One of her anti-sickness drugs actually made her sick and she has had her medication changed a few times to try to help this.  I'm afraid the initial progress that she made on Tuesday and Wednesday (particular how she was on Wednesday night) has been wiped out and we're back to the start again 🙁


The boy's are making steady progress and are up to 10ml feeds every two hours and are now off their

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