Tubes…what tubes?!

Great news about Vanessa.  Yesterday, her nasal-gastric tube was removed and she went back on full fluids.  You have never seen someone so relieved to have a cup of tea!  The High Dependency Unit staff are pleased with her progress and she's going to get out of the HDU and into the ward today (as long as there is a bed for her).  She is a bit tired but was very cheery last night and pretty much back to her normal self.  She'll be able to start taking her ATRA again today, which is a real positive, because we really didn't want to go too much longer without it.

I'm hoping that in a couple of days she'll feel good enough to see the boys for a second time.  She's getting lots of video and photos and even two lovely letters written by the boys (the staff at the neo-natal unit are brilliant!)

The boys are now both out of the ICU and into the HDU.  Rohan still has a flow fitted (which gives him just a little air) but they are both feeding well and looking great!  Wee little strawberry blonde boys!

We've had quite a day dealing with the press etc. Vanessa made the front page of the local paper…she thought she'd be page twelve (after the TV and What's on!).  She did a little press call at 3.30pm which was attended by a few different jouranlists from agencies and papers.  All had to give a donation to the neo-natal unit in order to attend.

Vanessa will be going into a room on Ward 50 very soon and will then be up to a few more visitors.  Please give me a call if you want to see her.  Ta, Charlie.

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