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Ant & Dec

Great news today! I'm having scans every two weeks to keep an eye on Ant and Dec (? – well, you voted for them!).  Today, my pregnancy is at 20 weeks and 2 days.  I went for my scan and Twin 1 (Ant) has measurements which put him at 20 weeks and 6 days while Twin 2 (Dec) is at 20 weeks and 4 days!  Both are doing really well and are lying length ways across me (heads on the right, feet on the left) hence why I'm feeling so uncomfortable.

It was great today because I managed to spend some time speaking to the lady who runs the Twins Club.  We spoke for ages and she gave me some really good tips. I am really worried about telling the twins apart (what if I mix them up!).  No problem in the hospital because they will have id tags on but what about at home?  Do I get A and D tattooed on them?  No, the answer is nail varnish!  Put a little bit of nail varnish on A's big toe and bingo, instant identification!  I will really try to get along to the twins club because there is just so much great advice I can get to help with the boys (! – yep, still exclaiming at that 🙂

Feel a bit better today all round.  The scan and twins info really cheered me up and my friend Alison, sent me a copy of The American Boy, which was on my wish list!  Brilliant, thanks Alison, I'll get stuck into that one starting tomorrow in hospital.  I have my usual hospital visit tomorrow, blood work etc.  I'm fairly confident that I'll get home again, physically I'm feeling really good – Charlie says (jokingly) that I'm faking it 🙂 LOL.  C U L8R V x

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