Invisible…but still Marilyn Monroe!

Have you ever felt like everything would just carry on as normal if you weren't there?  I'm here and I just feel invisible.  So many people are helping us and Charlie has just "taken over" with taking care of the kids, meals and so on…I just feel a bit left out ~:-(  I know he has the best of intentions but that doesn't stop me feeling frustrated that I'm not the one running around like a headless chicken! 

I'm glad I'm not in hospital today but I'm just thinking that it was something to break-up what is a very long week.  It was our wedding anniversary on Monday – seven years!  Charlie bought some flowers for me (but he got confused about if these were the delivery for Mothers Day or for our Anniversary – he had to check his email to work out which was which – my husband…so well organised :-o!) I even had a glass of red wine with my tea…well, I think one glass of wine is the least of my worries!

I had a special delivery today – my first wig!  Well…got to keep up appearances!  I am now, officially, a "Golden Glaze" haired beauty…ummm…lovely! Marilyn's got nothing on me :-) is me! I'm feeling big from being pregnant and my back is really sore…the only chair I seem to get comfortable in is Charlie's big black leather chair that he uses in the office…can't see me getting to sit on it for too long. 

Thank you everyone for your emails…I will do my best to reply to each one over the weekend.  I love hearing from everyone (especially how Megan is getting on at playgroup – Thanks Hema).  Luv V x

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