I just got a call from a Doctor at the neo-natal unit.  Rohan's blood gas levels have never been really good but he has been working really hard at his breathing.  He's was getting a little too tired with this over-night so he was take off his flow and back on to his cpap but he didn't like this so he has now been put on some additional support using a ventilator.  He is still working at breathing on his own and he may have an infection, be a bit anemic or just a little bit little to be working so hard.  Please pray for him. 

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Update on Rohan, Blake and Vanessa

Rohan has always struggled a little with his breathing and during the night he became a little tired his blood gas levels dropped a bit.  For security the staff put him back onto cpap but he wasn't very comfortable with this so they decided it would be best to put him back on ventilation.  He was relatively easy to ventilate so his lungs should be okay.  It may be that he is a bit anemic so he has been given a blood transfusion (what is it about this family and blood eh?) and he has been started on a course of anti-biotics in case he has an infection.  There was a bit of gloop in throat when he was ventilated so this may have been contributing to his difficulties but we'll have to wait and see how he does over the next few days.  They were a bit happier with him and were beginning to reduce the level of his support this morning.

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Coming Home

It looks like Vanessa will be discharged from hospital tomorrow.  She has come on really well the last couple of days and she looks great (but I always thought that!).  She has lost a fair bit of weight and is on a high protein diet to try to boost her up a bit.  Her haematology consultant has seen her and told her she has three weeks before the chemotherapy starts.  She is just chuffed to be home in time to watch Big Brother!

Rohan is now off his ventilator and onto a CPAP driver (I think that is what it's called).  It breaths about 20 breaths a minute for him and he is doing another 30 by himself.  I was able to put my hands in the incubator and touch him tonight.  He has a very little hairy back and is a real wriggler.  We're still praying for him and it will be little steps at a time for both Blake and Rohan over the next wee while.  There is so little difference between both boys in terms of looks and size and yet they are separated by their level of progress.  Rohan is in ICU and Blake is in Special Care now (he left high dependency a couple of days ago).

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Been on holiday for a couple of weeks?

Well…what do I say?  I didn't see that one coming.  Trust me to have a problem bowel on top of leukaemia and twins!  So much has happened since I updated the blog on THAT Friday night.  Charlie's been really good at updating everyone via the blog (aw…bless!) but I'll just do a whistle-stop recap of the last, rather frantic two weeks!

On the Friday night I was taken into hospital, I'd sat down after a nice tea.  Charlie had put Amber and Megan to bed and was busy tidying up the kitchen.  I came over a bit queer, shouted out "Charlie!" and promptly threw up!   Lovely 🙁 I was really crampy but definitely not in labour.  After about an hour of being sick (I did catch the sofa just the once!) Charlie had enough of me and called the Haematology Ward.  They very quickly arranged for me to go into the maternity hospital.  I was thinking I had taken too much mixture to help unbung me and was paying the price for thinking the more you take the faster you clear! (I will not use the words Read More