Update on Rohan, Blake and Vanessa

Rohan has always struggled a little with his breathing and during the night he became a little tired his blood gas levels dropped a bit.  For security the staff put him back onto cpap but he wasn't very comfortable with this so they decided it would be best to put him back on ventilation.  He was relatively easy to ventilate so his lungs should be okay.  It may be that he is a bit anemic so he has been given a blood transfusion (what is it about this family and blood eh?) and he has been started on a course of anti-biotics in case he has an infection.  There was a bit of gloop in throat when he was ventilated so this may have been contributing to his difficulties but we'll have to wait and see how he does over the next few days.  They were a bit happier with him and were beginning to reduce the level of his support this morning.

Vanessa is making a great recovery and is getting to come out for dinner tonight with Amber and Megan.  We're going to have something down at the beach and relax a bit!  She is now in a room on ward 50 and able to have a few more visitors.  She is hoping to return to home on Sunday if everything works out 🙂


Vanessa's story has been featured in the following newspapers today: Daily Mail (Page 3), Daily Express (Page 17), The Sun (Page 21), The Times (Page 21), The Scotsman (Pages 12-13), Daily Record (Pages 10-11), The Daily Mirror (Page 27) and the Press and Journal (Page 1) twice!.

Blake is doing well and Vanessa helped feed him this morning.  It was only the second time that she had seen the boys and she was on much better form than the earlier visit.  Please pray with us for strength and healing for Rohan.

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