Coming Home

It looks like Vanessa will be discharged from hospital tomorrow.  She has come on really well the last couple of days and she looks great (but I always thought that!).  She has lost a fair bit of weight and is on a high protein diet to try to boost her up a bit.  Her haematology consultant has seen her and told her she has three weeks before the chemotherapy starts.  She is just chuffed to be home in time to watch Big Brother!

Rohan is now off his ventilator and onto a CPAP driver (I think that is what it's called).  It breaths about 20 breaths a minute for him and he is doing another 30 by himself.  I was able to put my hands in the incubator and touch him tonight.  He has a very little hairy back and is a real wriggler.  We're still praying for him and it will be little steps at a time for both Blake and Rohan over the next wee while.  There is so little difference between both boys in terms of looks and size and yet they are separated by their level of progress.  Rohan is in ICU and Blake is in Special Care now (he left high dependency a couple of days ago).

Blake is still doing well, I was close to tears when I put my pinkie in his little hand and he grabbed it.  Wow!  I can't wait for Vanessa to do the same thing.  She'll love it!

The work on the house is going really well and I have already promised the first three tickets to the house warming to my three fantastic helpers today – Fay, Frank and Lorna who came and stripped wallpaper this morning and afternoon while I sauntered off to the hospital.  They all did a great job and now I have one less thing to worry about!

I can't wait to have Vanessa home tomorrow.  I know Amber and Megan will just love their Mum being home…that is until she sees the mess of their bedroom…;-)

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