Not much to say…

I'm struggling to find much to write about today.  I'm feeling really good at the moment – my headaches, which I was getting every morning and every evening – have gone!  I think the headaches where associated with my anaemia. I haven't had a headache for a week, yeah! 

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow for my usual blood work and physical.  While I'm at hospital a cleaner works at our house from 9am to 11am.  She is a wonderful gift from our friends David and Denise and she is great – saves Charlie from putting on his marigolds on Saturday morning!

Amber and Megan continue to have a busy schedule, Football for Amber, Swimming for both of them plus the playgroup and school mean that they have a busier social schedule than me…but that's not too difficult at the moment :-). 

I really am expanding like some kind of balloon!  Why hasn't anyone developed a line of petite maternity clothes! I went to Mothercare to try to find something to wear – nothing – anything that fits my waist has an extra foot at the bottom! Am I really that short…or that…ahem…big?  Maybe that's something I could do after all this, become a business mogul with my new line of maternity clothing.  Richard Branson watch out. 

The boys (!) are really working hard at not letting me sleep (how come they know when I go to bed?) – it's like their doing somekind of kickboxing video in my tummy!  And I still have quite a way to go until they're born (as much as 15 weeks).

We have a lot of girl clothes which we are clearing out from our attic.  If you have a girl(s) between 0 and 3 we have a complete collection of spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing in a variety of styles going free to a good home.  Please get in touch and we can sort you out!

I'll post a small update on the site tomorrow to let you know how I get on.

Love V. x.

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