Flat as a pancake…

ImageI'm not really feeling my normal happy self today.  I've too much time to think and all the possibilities and problems we have are running around in my head.  Charlie and the girls picked me up from hospital yesterday about 5.15pm.  By the time we got home, fed, bathed the kids, did the homework, read the night time story and put them to bed it was after 8pm.  That's a big change from tea at 5pm, bath after and bed by 7pm.  I'm just worried that changes to routines will affect the kids. And if this happens with two what will it be like with four?  I'm worried Charlie doesn't have enough time to do everything.

I'm also worried that I'll be kept in hospital because of my blood counts and then I won't even be here to remind him about things! 

I guess I'm just frustrated that I can't do all the usual things I do.  My tummy is expanding at a rate of knots and I've only got about three sets of clothes that fit.  I'm bigger now than I was when I gave birth to Amber!  I get out of breath doing the simplest of things and am exhausted by 4pm (Note to self: Do not mix pregancy and leukemia in future, worse than vodka and gin!).

ImageWho would have thought lying around all day could be so stressful (and I forgot to give Charlie his Valentine's Day card 🙁 but I don't think he's noticed, yet 🙂 )

Charlie and some of the guys from church are going to give blood tomorrow (Wednesday) at Forresterhill (7pm at the Blood Transfusion Service building).  Please feel free to join them if you can.


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