Back 2 hospital…but not me!

I've just finished my second course of chemo and I'm waiting for the effects to kick in a bit.  This time the chemo was half the dosage of the first course so I'm praying that the impact will be a bit less as well :-)  I've had my usual in and out of hospital for tests, blood counts and sympathy (bless!) and I'm pretty happy at the moment with the way its going.

Last week we had the team from Reveal magazine round to the house to do some more photographs for a feature their doing on me.  I think it'll be in the magazine in the next couple of weeks.  I was watching TV last night and there was a TV spot for Reveal and I thought…"Wouldn't it be great if I was the bit for the TV ad?"…er…I think it's more likely to be Kylie than me…"Oh Well"


It's been a bit stressful of late…Charlie took Rohan to the doctors because he wasn't happy with his "boy bits" and it seems that Rohan had an inguinal hernia.  This was on Monday…so straight into A+E with a note from the doctor, surgery booked for Tuesday, overnight stays in hospital for Charlie and Rohan, operated on at 4.00 pm on Tuesday, and a great recovery overnight.  He has a small incision on the right above his groin and a fairly large hernia (for such a small person) has been fixed.  He was such a star and didn't cry once from 8am to 4pm (even though he didn't have any feeds in that time).  I'm so proud of my wee boy!

I do hope that my "obsession" with hospitals is not catching on with my children! 

I've now stopped taking the ATRA drug which put my leukemia in remission.  The chemotherapy should now have taken over from the ATRA and be doing its job.  It is really strange to be not taking my six pills each night, I still automatically get up to my tablets are kept at teatime only to think "Oh…I don't need these anymore!" I'd taken the ATRA since the 18th of January, six moths, and it is the drug which saved my life and allowed me to progress with my pregnancy (until it was untimely interrupted….see earlier blog!).  Funny what a difference six little pills make 🙂

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