Just when I thought it was safe

I finished my chemo treatments on the 26th June.  To be honest, getting the chemo drug was a breeze for me.  I just sat there and it all went on.  My hair didn't change colour and I didn't feel any different at the time.  I had great week after I received the chemo – I was out to the school to pick up Amber, I went into Cults Academy with Charlie to let everyone see Blake and Rohan, went out for bar lunches and generally had a fantastic time.

Charlie and I went to see "War of the World" on Friday night, I was feel fine but about half way through I started to get tired.  We passed on a night cap (poor me!) and went back to Charlie's Mum's (where we're staying).  I didn't feel too great on Saturday morning, my mouth was really sore.  I had a couple of huge mouth ulcers which made it difficult for me to eat or speak,  These gradually got worse during the day and my whole mouth began to feel incredibly sore – so much I gave up speaking and resorted to grunts and pointing. 

Charlie was been working in the house trying to get it ready for us to move back in.  He's been out there some nights to 2.00 am, gets back here and then does the night feeds!  He's had a bit of a break last night because Mary (his mum) took the boys over night. 

I woke up this morning feeling like a train wreck!  In addition to a rising temperature and my sore mouth I also had a heap of little red dots all over my legs.  I was due into the haematology clinic anyway so Charlie took me in early.  Just after I arrived in the clinic the MacMillan Nurse, Jean Luc (with the long flowing hair!), asked how I was and got the sore mouth etc. story – so I was whisked straight in, bloods done, saw a doctor etc.  all in less than an hour!

The red marks on my legs are tiny bruises because my platelets (which make my blood clot) are really low as a result of my chemo kicking in.  My other blood counts are also low hence my mouth ulcers (because I'm not able to fight infection).  And I have some kind of infection because my temperature is rising.  What did I say about a train wreck?

So…I was admitted to Ward 16 (again) this morning…a veritable home from home!  I'm a bit down about it, to be honest.  I had prepared myself for this, I'd been told that my counts would probably go down and that I might be admitted, that I would be prone to infection, that I needed to use my three different mouthwashes to try to prevent bugs in my mouth BUT nothing prepares you for the actual thing when it happens.  I had such a great week last week that this has really knocked the wind out of my sails.  I'm going to be in hospital for a few days and I will probably miss Amber's birthday party on Sunday.   I do really hope I get out in time to move back into the house with the rest of my family 🙂

So, as I finish this (in my hospital bed), Charlie is away packing my bag, getting my books and Ipod together and asking for help with baby sitters etc.  so that he can visit me in the evenings.  I just want to be well and out of here….

Love V xxx

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