Get Set!

It's been a very busy week since I last posted on the blog.  I am absolutely fed up of not being in my own home.  What I find most difficult is not having all my stuff with me.  I go to try to find something and then realise that it isn't here.  It will be three or four weeks before we can move back into the house. We've moved from my Mum's to Charlie's Mum's on South Deeside.  Mary (Charlie's Mum) has a fairly big house which can all fit into and, because she is currently on night duty, we have the place pretty much to ourselves. The downside is the extra twenty minute journey to take the girls to Westhill each morning but that has actually worked fairly well.  There is space for Charlie to stay here so he's been sleeping here as well which is great!

Me, Amber and Blake

Blake has done really well…in fact…we took him home on Saturday!  I'd been really worried about my chemo and I'd been getting myself into a bit of a state about it.  When we got the chance to have Blake home I just jumped at it.  I just love that I will have a full week with him before I start my treatment.  He has been a little star.  What a wonderfully settled baby he is.  His feeds are every four hours and, apart from changing his bum, you would hardly know he was there. Not that I would notice too much at night…Charlie has been doing the midnight, 0400 and 0800 feeds but I have been doing my share during the day 😉


Rohan is now off all his respiratory support and has moved from ICU to HDU to Special Care…next stop for him is pre-discharge and then home!  He has put weight on really well and is having bottle feeds every third feed.  It won't be long till he is home with his brother. 

Last Friday I did a photo shoot and story for

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