Wigs R Us

Well, was in hospital yesterday.  I had my usual blood test done and waited for the results.  I'm really lucky to still be admitted to the ward – this means that I always have a bed in the ward, so when I go in I have somewhere to be rather than waiting in the Day unit.

The ward is a very busy place and sometimes I have to wait a while for the results, other times I can be out just after lunchtime, it just depends.  While I'm waiting I tend to read and listen to my iPod.  I did watch daytime television for the first few visits but it started sucking my will to live!  I also tend to get through quiet a few trashy magazines!  I'm far too embarrassed to tell you the book that I'm currently reading (when I start the next one I'll let you know what it is).  I've also been reading a daily devotional and I've found it a real strength at times (Thanks Pam).

Short but not gone :-)As you can tell from the photo I've had a hair cut.  I decided to get used to short hair because I'm going to lose it when I have the chemo :-).   I've been told that the

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