Raising your blood pressure?

My blood pressure has sunk…er…to 91/57 (which is fairly low).  Got up on Thursday, said "Goodbye" to the Amber and Megan (who went off to school/playgroup), got in the shower and fainted… !-)  Great start to the day!  Thankfully Charlie came back from handing over the girls…my hero…and my Mum came down to keep an eye on me.

I've been asking for hints about how to get my blood pressure up (obviously shouting at Charlie is a pretty good option).  Denise suggested toast and honey, first thing, every morning, before I get out of bed (I promptly got my toast and honey this morning..um..not bad).  Mhairi suggested pulsing my calf muscles and…putting my head between my legs…that just isn't going to happen with the size of my bump but a useful tip anyway!  If you have any suggestions please let me know by using the Contact Me menu option.

Red Nose Day

I got up early to get the girls ready for Red Nose Day.  We had a lot of fun with face paints and hair gel.  It was great to spend some time with them both before school/playgroup.  I do miss doing the morning routine but my long lies are nice.

Good news from the hospital, even though my blood pressure is through the floor, my blood test results continue to improve.  My hemoglobin is now 10.8 (nae bad for a pregnant wifey!) and my doctor said that my blood "just looks like a pregnant woman's" which means that its not like a pregnant woman with leukemia's!

I really hope you take part in the new poll.  I've posed specially for the photographs.  Please note my matching tops to go with my hats.  I didn't wear my wig for these because I have to have it cut yet – I don't want to spoil the surprise for you!
The Girls have just gone to my mum's for a sleep over and Charlie and I are going to look at a couple of Cars (well, we do need six seats and room for a double buggy).  Donations of Commercial Vehicles in attractive yellow paint welcome 🙂 Love V x

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