Er…I’m still here!

It's been a very long time since I've updated this blog.  So much has happened, I've met so many wonderful people and had such an amazing journey to where we are now.  The boys are almost two years old and I am still in remission. 

It's hard living with the idea that you've had cancer.  It never leaves your mind. Any time I don't feel 100%, have a cold or bug from the kids I immediately think "It's coming back!".  I still visit the Day Clinic (next to Ward 16) every two weeks where my bloods are checked and I still have a bone marrow sample taken (about every six-eight weeks).  My bone marrow still goes for testing to London where they check it at a genetic level for the cause of my leukaemia.  They are checking to see if the genetic abnormality that caused my cancer has reappear or not…so far my results have been negative – which is good. 

Sometimes I'm so tired I could just drop where I am.  One of my doctors told me that often people on my medication sleep 14 hours a day…I'd love to make 8 hours!  You know, I've been through my chemo and I've recovered really well, but sometimes those around me forget I'm tired, that I still have low blood counts because my medication suppresses them, that I'm knackered (but equally I do sometimes need a kick up the bum to get busy and not feel sorry for myself!). It's hard work…

You can find out more about the Aberdeen Angels, the support group that I'm part of here

Till next time, V x

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