Vanessa in hospital

Just after updating the blog yesterday Vanessa became violently sick, with stomach cramps and shakes.  After an hour of this at home she was taken to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital where she was admitted.

She has been quite unwell during the night and has improved a bit this morning.  She has undergone some tests and had x-rays to examine any possible bowel problems but she is most likely suffering from sever constipation related to her pregnancy (which she will no doubt joke about later).  She's on a saline drip to up her fluids and she has had some pain medication which let her sleep a little.

The babies are well and not distressed in anyway.  Vanessa's obs (blood pressure, temperature etc) are all normal but she is in a lot discomfort.

Please remember her in your prayers and wish her a speedy recovery.  I'll update this when I find out a anything more. 




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